• What If Women Ran Wall Street

    "I literally have to deconstruct a lot of their testosterone," Hirschhorn says. "A lot of behaviors that are counterproductive to success in trading are typical male traits, such as being too aggressive, too stubborn, or being ego driven."

  • Gist of Fate

    Trading need not always be so complicated. The biggest key to keeping it simple is accepting one basic fact: You never know. 

  • Preempting Panic

    When fear becomes hysteria and the skies go black, ask yourself: Can I keep my head when everyone else is losing his?

  • Ego: Fuel for Success or Catalyst for Failure

    Everyone has his own deity complex. Whether it's fuel for trading success or catalyst for destruction is entirely up to you. 

  • Profit Envy

    It's OK to want more. Just remember to focus on what you have - not what you don't. Otherwise you could end up with nothing. 

  • Ego Management

  • Vengeance Collar

    Whether you realize it or not, sometimes trading becomes a revenge ploy. Avoid this trap - because in your zeal to get even, you might end up getting crushed. 

  • Just Eat It

    Anyone can make money. But how effective are you at losing it? Many traders fail to grasp this part of the game. It's time to rediscover the lost art of taking losses. 

  • Play to Win

    A preoccupation with not losing money can hamper your ability to make it. Why fear of failure is a trader's worst enemy - and how to overcome it.

  • The 6 Mental Barriers to Shorting the Market

    Doug Hirschhorn, Ph.D. 'The Trading Dr.', explains the 6 barriers to shorting and how to solve them. 

  • Hubris Kills

    Trade confidently, and chances are you'll be around to taste many a victory cigar. Trade overconfidently, however, and you'll surely get smoked. 

  • Just Play The Game

    Losses and cold streaks need not shake your confidence - as long as you're making good decisions. 

  • Mental Hazards

    Every trader must eventually make a choice. Either distractions can control you and undermine performance - or you can control them and unlock your potential. 

  • Lessons in Leadership and Risk-Taking from Boomers

  • Mapping the Mind of Money Makers

    It's not about the money. It's about the experience, it's about the environment, it's about playing a game and winning.

  • Implement Strategies to Avoid Tangifying Your Positions

    Throughout my years of coaching traders on their mental game, I have found that one of the most challenging skills is mastering the ability to maintain objectivity in trades. For most traders, it’s extremely difficult to achieve because they make the human mistake of focusing on the money. They see the P&L on their screen and begin to tangify it.

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